Tuesday, October 12, 2004

University Challenge part deux

In a few hours time I'll be on a plane taking me to the capital of this country (of course it became the capital only in 1913 (or was it 1912) after the Brits moved from the City of Joy,the wonderful city i was born in but have not had the good fortune of knowing that well ) for the 2nd round of shooting of BBC World's University Challenge. I might as well be totally correct and tell u that it's the shooting of the 2nd, quarters and semis. So at the end of the week the finalists will be known. Of course junta will come to know about it only after the shows are aired.

Feeling very nervous for some reason(actually thats why i started writing this post 'coz i was feeling very tense thinking about the trip and not doing anything. Have a strange feeling in the stomach for some reason. I really don't know what i am so tense about. I know we (Goach,AC,pps[captain SIR] and I (yeah i am the only one in the team who doesn't have a nickname)) are a good team and we can go far in the tournament but suddenly i am engulfed in self doubt. I don't know why. We almost blew it against a weaker IIT Bombay team (the episode it to be telecast on 14th Octoberthis Thursday at 10pm ). my fear is not performing to our full potential. I know that we can take on the world nut we gotta keep our cool. Maybe i am putting too much pressure in myself......... aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

no more talk about UC 'coz i feel relaxed already and that weird feeling is gone from my stomach. The purpose of writing this post is served.

Now moving on to other things.

Its been a favourable week. Hardly went to college. Any day that is not spent in college is a good day

Sunday was simcat 4. didn't do too well (not that's very surprising) but got a higher city percentile(national hasn't come out yet) than i expected so i am feeling a lot better.

Now my mood has changed from one of gloom to one of glee. Talk about the healing powers of writing a blog.

Will be back on Friday night. Hope to have made it to the finals UC by then. Anything less than that will leave us a team extremely unhappy, i am sure.

Wish us luck and the power to kick ass

May he answers be with us


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