Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sania's blog?????. i think not

check this out

the links comes coutesy Kitty. i guess its not her blog thoiugh it has lots of pics of her. if u're a mad fan then i guess u've already clicked on the link.

funny people are actually writng stuff on the tag board

Friday, March 04, 2005


It's been a while, a long while. While I have been away from the blogosphere much has happened in the world of blogs. Blogs such as mine on the other hand have remained ... umh well just remained. Remained untouched by the creator (me not God ) who was away doing things and not doing things. Things such as blog titles need explanation sometimes otherwise they just seem to be funny word(s) in a foreign language written by some moronic carbon based biped having woken up from a self imposed slumber of his only outlet of writing. Writing after a long time has its advantages though I can't think of any right now. Now is the time to tell you why this post is called Renaissance. Renaissance as you all know is a French term meaning rebirth; it is also the name of the annual inter school culturals organised by my school; it is the title of this stupid and meandering blog post and also happened to be some art movement (though movement is usually preceded by fart) (sorry abt that really bad attempt at a PJ).

I could called the post Phoenix but that is the name of hell's magazine and I didn't want any hellish connections. Connecting sentences by using the last word of the previous sentence is getting rather boring and tedious so I am going to stop doing that.

I could have called this post resurrection but then that was taken. So I chose renaissance even though technically my blog didn't die; it just went into a deep slumber.

My archives will not have an entry for February 2005. Sad but true.

So why haven't I blogged for so long. Lots of reasons actually but basically I was just being myself, (read being lazy). Thats why this blog hasn't experienced an update in [Mar 04 2005 - 14th Jan 2005] days. Lots has happened in the world but I am not going to dwell on whats happened in the solar system because thats not why you read this. One of the reasons I think blogs are so popular is that they feed our voyeurism. Though I am not going to justify that statement. Why? Because I choose to.

Inter-collegiate culturals have been a high priority in the days I have maintained blog silence. There was the mother of all culturals Saarang. Had an amazing time. Managed to fit in an assessment test and project report within the Saarang week. Finally attended the Lone Wolf quiz finals and stayed till sunrise. Was an experience I shall not forget in a hurry. Techofes at Anna happened next and was good fun. Then came Ragam at NIT Calicut which for reasons I shall not know till the day I burn up into smoke and ash and pollution, hell sponsored. AC has saved me the trouble by writing a post about our experiences there. U can find it here. My complaints about Ragam are the low quantities of prize money and of eye candy. Though the pineapple juices were very gooood. And yes it was all free. Loved the jam and was very intrigued and bemused by the Malayalam jam and the roommate forced on us who eventually did 'shmok' in the room while we were not there and left us the empty packs and an aromatic room as a parting gift. Also we had connoisseur in college which was awesome fun. It is supposed to be a test of management skills but I guess it didn't quite turn out that way. I got reprimanded for vulgarity by the way though I am not complaining. 1000 bucks is quite sufficient thank you. My favourite moment has to be from the Mitafest quiz which Goach and I wasted an OD attending. There were enough goofs to fill a whole blog. But I'll leave you with this question which wins my award for the 'Waarrrrrsssssstt question ever reproduced in a blog'. Who is the second highest president of India[sic].

Other things that have been keeping me busy include Sania Mirza and her amazing recent run of good form and Narain's much deserved and belated break into F1. Really looking forward to Sunday. Though I still haven't finalised where I am going to watch the race. (remember CAS?) Also am in the process of upgrading my stone age computer. More on that when I get the new kit.

Our 7th sem results came out and as usual there were some shockers. I am still thanking my stars for not having got an arrear. The revaluation scheme that anna univ has is the biggest scam since Telgi. I am surprised that no one raised eyebrows at an examination scheme that is so obviously designed to bring in revenues to the university. I dont want to spoil my mood by talking more about this farce.

I'll leave u with a few words of wisdom from David Gilmour. I know these are much better when heard but...

Lost in thought and lost in time

While the seeds of life and the seeds of life were planted

Outside the rain fell dark and slow

While I pondered on this dangerous but irresistible pastime

I took a heavenly ride through our silence

I knew the moment had arrived

For killing the past and coming back to life