Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Saw - A bloody spooky thriller

Saw is one heck of a movie. When my friend Kiran told me about Saw all he said was that it's a psychological thriller. I didn't know what to expect and this movie despite its flaws left me very pleasantly surprised.

Saw is about this serial killer called Jigsaw who puts his victims in situations where they end up killing themselves.

The movie starts with Dr. Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) and Adam( Leigh Whannel who makes his acting debut and who also co-wrote the story and screenplay) waking up to find themselves tied with chains to pipes in opposite ends of a very run down dirty yucky public toilet with a dead guy in the middle of the room. They are the latest victims of Jigsaw's murderous game.

I don't want to spoil the plot by telling u guys any more about the story. All I want to say to u is watch this movie. Be warned though the movie is quite graphic. Lots of gore and blood. People who like thrillers will like this a lot. It does have quite a few twists and turns to keep u engaged till the end. There is no dull moment in this one.

The movie was made in only 18 days on a limited budget being an independent movie.

But Saw could have been much better than it turned out. Cary Elwes' acting sucks. The actor who plays the dead guy does a better job. Its not easy lying perfectly still for 6 days of shooting. Debutant Whannel and Danny Glover who plays a cop do a decent job. There are some scenes which though very well filmed and quite spooky (like the stethoscope scene) add nothing to the overall story and seem a little deviant from the main flow of the movie. There are also a few logical inconsistencies in the details of the story.

All said and done Saw is a movie to be seen. See Saw.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Bored hoc ergo ad hoc post

If any of u obviously jobless and infinitely bored people reading this know what the title means please let me know. I knew but somehow I can't seem to know now. Bow wow. (that was my imaginary cat called America (belonging to the president of some far away republic) who is trying to imitate the dog on the street that just bit the policeman on the beat to get a taste of his feet). If any of u know what language the title is in and don't mind please let me know. And if u made sense of this paragraph congratulations!!! U win a free trip to Eroticon VI to meet Eccentrica Gallumbits*

There is an ad in today's Hindu for IIPM. There was a colour ad in the same paper last Monday. Nothing remarkable about that. If u look at the ad carefully, more specifically at a series of pictures at the right side slighly below the centre u'll notice a woman looking at a laptop. The same picture comes in the BSNL Data One broadband ads. Don't believe me go look for yourself. Arindham Choudhary sure know how to flick pics from other ads. Hope he doesn't make any more flicks though.

Was surfing aimlessly today in the afternoon and came across a phone in show on Zee Music. Unfortunately for me the remote refused to work and I was left watching this rather engrossing conversation. The original was in Hindi but considering all the 42.42 factors to be considered before making such a decision of utleast unimportance I shall translate the above mentioned (and presented below) conversation into English.

The TV screen shows the show's presenter, the logo of the TV channel and a line at the bottom of the screen that says “Jatin Delhi” atleast I think it said Delhi. Can't remember the city properly and not remembering the city's name does not bring capital punishment.

Presenter: So we'll play u ur song Jatin

Jatin: I want to say something.important

Presenter: Go on

Jatin: My name is actually Nitin. I've called 4 times and everytime I say my name the line gets cut.

At this moment there is silence and the line saying “Nitin Delhi”goes off the screen.

The silence continues for a few seconds before the shaken presenter says hello a few times and a voice responds from the other end.

Presenter: See Jatin err Nitin u can call ur self whatever u want. Nobody on this show has a problem with the name Nitin. So Nitin c ya. Dear friends we'll now take a break and be right back

*Refer The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy for further information

News just in: A dog was found dead in a street near my house. Apparently it died of asphyxiation. In other news a wife of a policeman has filed for divorce on the the grounds that her husband washes neither his feet nor his socks.