Thursday, May 31, 2007

QFI Open Quiz 2007

The QFI Open Quiz is happening on 3rd June. Details are available here. Going by the shows the quizmasters have put up in the past it promises to be loads of fun.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

water, biscuits, chicken, dosa, ice cream, burp!

Some days back a colleague of mine; whom I shall refer to as X to avoid disclosing any details about the person such as name, gender, blood group, shoe size etc.; put up the following GTalk status

Life is like a normal biscuit, if you add love which is butter it becomes a butter biscuit

The above statement is so utterly butterly undelicious that it prompted a slew of GTalk status changes from colleagues

Life is like chicken, if you add butter which is love it becomes butter chicken

Life is like soda, if you add lime which is love, it becomes lime soda

Life is like ice, if you add cream which is love, it becomes ice cream

Life is like Palar water, if you add love, it becomes corporation water

Undeterred by the responses, our friend X cooked up a second status -
Life is like dosa, if you add onions which is love it becomes onion dosa. (Note that this statement is grammatically incorrect and coming to think of it the process of making such a dosa might bring tears to your eyes and after a while you life might stink)

At this point I’m wondering if there is a point to this post, and apart from the 3 that are in this statement, the point is that this is a blog and if I add a post which is like love then it becomes an updated blog