Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk

Another thing for Y! and MS to worry abt from Google. Looks like Google is serious about taking over the world.

Still in its early stages but I like it already

Saturday, August 20, 2005

The ID-Cod Song

This a song about Id cards created by a guy in Vellamal. Its HILARIOUS
Make sure ur floor is clean before u listen to this one coz u'll be ROTFL afterwards

You can get it here

[Google for Id Cod for more download links.]

Thanks to Shrik for telling me abt it. I cant thank him enough
my stomach is aching from all that laughing...

[Its been around for a while I guess but I came to know of it only tonight
and couldn't resist]
Listen to it if u havent already

Monday, August 08, 2005

The circle of life

Today I went to college to get my provisional degree certificate and final semester marksheet. Nothing special about that; whats special is the date. It was today four years back that college life began for yours truly. I didn't even know today was the 8th till I was signing for the documents and then I felt kinda weird at the realisation.

I am now an engineer first class with distinction; so if you need someone to solve your computing difficulties I am sure I can find someone else who'll know what to do ^_^

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Translatable quote 2 : DravidSpeak

This is what Rahul Dravid Captian Team India said to NDTV's Jaydeep Bhandarkar yesterday when asked a question about India's match against Sri Lanka today(May not be the exact words he used but its pretty much what he said)

“We are not concentrating on winning. We just want to play good cricket and get the right team composition. I am a believer in playing good cricket and when you do that the results tend to take care of themselves”

This is what he meant

“Don't expect us to win. We'll be lucky not to get our asses whipped”

Monday, August 01, 2005

Back to the future or The case of the deleted Firefox history

Last month, on about the 26th or the 27th , I opened Firefox and when I hit Ctrl+h I was shocked to see that the history was blank, clear, empty just like the mind of an Indian politician. It's as if I hadn't been on the world wide web in the past 30 days.( I've set Firefox to remember the history for 30 days) So there I was with a browser that seemed to have suffered a dose of amnesia that would give the impression that it was Leonard Shelby living in a Memento of its own.

For a moment I was stunned and then I cursed a little and got on with things and I didn't think about the problem or else I should have discovered it at that time. People who know me will not be surprised that I didn't think because it's just the way it is with me; thinking is something I don't do often (ok ok at all).

I let things be as they were for a couple of days and my browser picked up new memories. Then I wanted to look up what day of the week a certain date was and so I opened the clock and noticed something quite weird. My computer was running in the month of August while I was sitting in the month of July. And then in a moment of realization's the case of the cleared Firefox history was solved by the the culprit and I kicked myself for not having figured it out earlier.

I had inadvertently changed the month to August while checking the day of certain date in August. This time I changed the month back to July before I clicked 'ok'. And ofcourse the history(may have been history) of the past (future?) 2 days disappeared again thus completing a cycle of living in the future, going back to the past and thus landing in the present.

Moral of the story: The dumbest part of a computer is its user.