Saturday, August 20, 2005

The ID-Cod Song

This a song about Id cards created by a guy in Vellamal. Its HILARIOUS
Make sure ur floor is clean before u listen to this one coz u'll be ROTFL afterwards

You can get it here

[Google for Id Cod for more download links.]

Thanks to Shrik for telling me abt it. I cant thank him enough
my stomach is aching from all that laughing...

[Its been around for a while I guess but I came to know of it only tonight
and couldn't resist]
Listen to it if u havent already


Divya said...

that song is hilllllarious. espcially the nasal voice ... stud level

Nandan said...

The song pardoy adichifies the vellamal princi apparently. thats the way he says id card and everything

Einsteinophile said...

Hey...It's Velammal.And yeah...the song jus ruled our coll!!We called it our anthem! :)