Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Translatable quote 2 : DravidSpeak

This is what Rahul Dravid Captian Team India said to NDTV's Jaydeep Bhandarkar yesterday when asked a question about India's match against Sri Lanka today(May not be the exact words he used but its pretty much what he said)

“We are not concentrating on winning. We just want to play good cricket and get the right team composition. I am a believer in playing good cricket and when you do that the results tend to take care of themselves”

This is what he meant

“Don't expect us to win. We'll be lucky not to get our asses whipped”


Leon said...

Perfectly true.. Indian cricket has gone to the dogs.. :-(

Btw, congrats on your posting.

Nandan said...

Hey Leon lets not get too pessimistic. Lets hope the guys snap out of it soon and go back to winning.

And thanks :)

Anonymous said...