Tuesday, October 19, 2004

UC travelblog [post 1]

In my previous post i wrote that i was going to Delhi for the shooting of the next rounds of UC. Well i am back from the city of the Indian parliament, the India gate and awesomely[sic] hot girls. This post is about my experiences of the those 4 days. I dunno why i am writing this. The trip was on the whole extremely disappointing and has some painful memories. Writing things down will make me relive those memories i am desperately trying to get out of my system. There were some great moments too and maybe by writing them down I'll have something to draw from later on in life. I think the post is going to be rather long but read on if you're interested in knowing how a quiz programme is shot Synergy style or what happens when 2 deranged young men who have to share a room get up to.

Tuesday was the day of departure. AC told us to rendezvous at the airport at 12:10 for a 13:35 flight ( i wonder why oh why; but then AC is like that). So Goach and I went to the airport by car and Pps (read peeps) joined us at the entrance to the terminal at 12:15. now there was no sight of AC. Our man decides to turn up at 12:35. in the meantime Pps sent him some mean messages which basically meant that he had to get to airport rather quickly or else.... so after not carrying out our threats of doing nasty things to AC the 4 of us went in basically carried out all the formalities. We still had a bit of time left till the departure and the airport was really deserted. So we decided to throw random meaningless questions like "Connect the escalator and Adolf Hitler" and "What is the latitude and longitude of the airport?" at each other. Saw this very beautiful woman who seemed to be an air hostess but wasn't going to be a host but a guest. She was reading The Da Vinci Code. We decided to spoil the ending for her by telling her the ending but then we didn't carry out that plan either ' coz i don't think any one of us wanted to get slapped by a beautiful girl. I must make a confession here. She was definitely the prettiest girl on the flight. If she is reading this(high hopes dude!!) i hope she takes it as a compliment because the air hostesses like the food were hot. (oh God i just compared beautiful women to food!!!!!!!!! ( wonder what that tells about my thought processes)).

The flight was uneventful for the most part. There was a bit of turbulence. I didn't know whether to stare at the air hostesses or outside the window; the view outside was just amazing. The clouds looked as if they were out of a painting describing the abode of Greek Gods. Believe me they looked just like that. I could almost imagine Zeus in all his glory in there among the clouds. After imaging some heavenly images i decided to basically just keep my ornithological pursuits active. So the journey left me fairly satisfied and the food was also good.(wats m obsession with the food????).

After landing we picked up our luggage and began the task of finding a taxi to take us to Noida where our accommodation was arranged. Now the what appeared to be official tourism development taxi booth told us that we would have to pay 1080 bucks(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to get to Noida. So we just went to the other booths and found one that was going to take us for 380 deer. So we hopped on(actually we just walked) in the black Maruti van. See Delhi has this policy that all public transport vehicles should run on CNG. A by-product of this(apart from the cleaner air) is that the Delhi transport corporation has the 'record' for having the "largest CNG bus service in the world" which the buses on the road very proudly proclaim. During the long journey AC went off to sleep and drooled all over the seat( of course he'll deny that (and maybe he is telling the truth)) but lets assume for the sake of the blog that he was indeed drooling.(not that achieves anything but just gives him something to do during the journey coz he was not doing anything). Anyways we were reserved .. well actually our accommodation was reserved at this place called 'Jewel Palace' in sector 61. this sector 61 happens to be a really far flung location and pretty undeveloped. The problem with Noida is that all streets just have numbers for names and all look the same. So it makes the task of finding a small hotel (well technically it was not a hotel.. I'll come to that in a minute(actually u'll come o that in minute (of course if u read fast then in about 30 seconds)) a very arduous task. Now the problem is compounded further by the fact that the place did not have a sign board saying that it was indeed hotel Jewel Palace. When we did finally meander our way to the address given to us we landed(actually we landed long ago) at a huge (i mean huge) house that said it belonged to some IAS officer. Puzzled Pps went inside and after seeing the receptionist's came out satisfied that we were at the right place. The reason he was satisfied was that the receptionist(cum manager) lady was the same person who had greeted us during our previous stay. Then Jewel Palace was in sector 41. See they apparently got kicked out of that place because of some "problems with the authorities" so they were masquerading as a hotel in an (abandoned?) IAS officer's house.

The rest of the evening went off without without any scares. The dinner was great. The food on all the days of our stay was really good. We decided to practice a bit after dinner just to get into the groove. After a bit Pps and Goach left to their room. That left AC and me in the room late in the night. (now is the part i promised in the beginning about 2 deranged young men in a room)

(to be continued...............)

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