Thursday, February 16, 2006


Scene: Dining hall of a software company
Actors: Yours truly, X, Y
X and yours truly were having lunch when X spots Y waiting in line for food. X it seems is seeing Y after a while and wants to tell him that he will tell Y what ever is on X's mind via email. But X cannot tell Y about the email without shouting a bit and attracting attention to himself. So what does X do. He SMSes Y that he will email Y later and get his message across.


Scene: Staff bus of a software company
Actors: Yours truly, Lady on phone
Yours truly after a day of work is thanking his stars that his bus does not have a radio so he doesn't have to listen to a screaming RJ and thinks he can actually relax. Seated behind is a lady who has discovered that incoming calls are free and that she is better at telling a sad story than Ekta Kapoor and actually proceeds to transfer her sorrows through out the journey leaving yours truly to wonder why cell phone networks always fail to fail at such times.


Scene: Yours truly watching an idiot on the idiot box
Actors: Yours truly, idiot, idiot box
Yours truly decides to watch just for a few minutes “Super Sale” on STAR One because he likes to torture himself once in a while. Saajid Khan the host asks this question “Which is the next leap year” Answer from the roll over contestant (who's won more money in an hour than your's truly makes in a year) “2006”


Scene: A software company
Actors: Yours truly, Z(yours truly's friend)
Yours truly and Z working for the same company get to meet each other probably once a month or so and have exchanges over email and SMS leaving yours truly wondering what one has to do to have a tête-à-tête. Conversation where art thou?


NIRMAL said...

Hey Nandan,

You are a great observer of things happening around ,esp the first incident.

Never sit besides a committed girl ;)

Good one.

Vikram H said...

hahaha....good ones man...Life in a software company seems way too sad at times!

arch said...

scene 4 sure rings a bell.

Siddhu said...

Itäs been over two months now! Two more to go.ö=

Adithya Jayachandran said...

gonna blog soon-
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