Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Version 2.02

Knowing that you guys must be shocked to find me blogging again, I have decided to write a FAQ about this 1st post of a refurbished, restarted blog. So wiping away the cobwebs of inactivity presenting the FAQ about Interior monoBlog v2.02

Q1. So Nandan you are actually alive?!!!!!!!!!!
A1: Er… Yes

Q2. No seriously. Is it really you????
A2: Ya Its me

Q3: We must be dreaming. Tell us again. It’s THE Nandan Saha
A3: Again, It’s THE Nandan Saha

Q4: So why did you stop blogging?
A4: I didn’t stop per se. Lets call it a momentary lapse of writer’s flow

Q5:”Momentary lapse of writer’s flow” WTF is that
A6: I could explain again but it would take me 4 months to demonstrate

Q6: Ok Forget it. So what’s new?
A6: Template template template template template

Q7: Are you becoming colour blind?
A7: Why?

Q8: Template template template template
A8: #$%$@#$^^&$#$%

Q9: So can we at least now expect some good writing?
A9: Oh sure. There are lots of very good blogs around

Q10: Do you plan on blogging more frequently than last time
A10: I’ve planned. Let’s see how it pans out

Ok let’s stop this. This is very boring. Hope you get the idea. Interior monoBlog is back. Better, Frequenter, Smarter, Funnier, Seriouser and …..er……

Let me know what you think(Read as Comment darned readers)

Hopefully I’ll keep this going and give you guys something good to read


NIRMAL said...

Welcome back Nandan.

Guess your Version 2.02 will be updated atleast once in a month.

Nice Template dude.

Einsteinophile said...

Started....rather....the lapse has elapsed and the post reeks of ur iiiisssshhtyle!!

sagaro said...

Yabaaa... way to go maan!

Nandan said...

@Nirmal: Thanks da. Hoping to update more frequently than that

@einsteinophile: the lapse has elapsed and hoping there will not be a relapse

@sagaro: Thanks dude

sai thilak said...

Happy blogging !!!

Preethi said...

hey nandan gud to see u bloggin again!!

Suze said...

Welcome Back!