Thursday, May 25, 2006

A missing page and a desultory post

I've not blogged for a while. (Duh! There I go again saying the most obvious things! and then making exclamatory statements) So what have I been up to in the time I've not been contributing to increase the data content of the blogosphere? Well…. umh , now let’s see. I’ve got to rack my brains to figure out what I’ve up to. See that’s what not blogging does. It leaves me with only my memory of the things that happened, with no way to relive them. Well it’s not like I blog that very much about personal stuff but it kind of gives a reference to hook on to. It’s like the past few months is a missing page in the book of the life of Nandan Saha

This Sunday I saw this awesome movie called Shaolin Soccer on Hungama TV in Hindi. It’s by Stephen Chow the guy behind Kung-Fu Hustle Well since I’ve given the IMDB link I am not gonna tell what the movie is about since you might as well read it from IMDB. All I want to say is that it was bloody hilarious! Truly enjoyed myself.

Read The Curious Incident of the dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon recently. It’s a brilliant book. It starts out being a mystery about a dead dog and turn out to be this amazingly poignant tale. I recommend it very highly.

At this point I stopped writing for a whole day because I really did not know how to proceed with this post. Why didn’t I just stop?! Coz it’ been a while since I blogged and the 1st post after the nth hibernation is not going to have only 3 paragraphs

Isn’t it irritating that MSWord™ does not recognize blog as a valid word? Just added it to the dictionary.

While making coffee now I realized that the container that keeps chocolate powder in the pantry that I use at work is labeled “Choco” while earlier it was labeled “Chocolate”. That makes me wonder if all the guys who like chocolate are now punctual.

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