Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Where in the world is your B School?

This post is a collection of 3 instances of Geographic brilliance, what can I say except that I wonder if these people ever played Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego

Courtesy Goach, players: unfortunate Goach, and Narendra Modi’s best friend
Goach and X where were talking about IIM Ahmedabad and something about the availability of non-veggie food and stuff. Well, anyway, X says that one will get good Andhra food there. The statement in itself is not what this part is about, it’s the reply to this question “Why do you say that?” “Ahmedabad is in Andhra Pradesh”

Courtesy Goach again, players: Shrik and Dhoni’s best friend
Shrik who is going to XLRI Jamshedpur in a couple of days time tells Y that he is going to XLRI Jamshedpur. Y asks “Why do you want to go to Bangalore to study what’s wrong with Chennai?”

And if you thought that these things don’t happen to your’s truly, don’t despair.
I had a copy of Sports Star which has an ad for TIME (the coaching institute). So this guy, lets call him Z, has a good look at it and evinces interest in going for coaching. The ad has a table which lists how many of their students made it to the various IIMs. So Z points to IIMK and asks me
“K is Kolkata?”
“No, Kozhikode”.
“C is Calicut?”
“No, Calcutta”
Then Z closes the tabloid and gives is back to me.

I still do not know how I did not laugh at that time, my self control is better that I think or I must have been in a state of shock

Talking about funny things, check this out.


P said...

I think you made up the first two!

Nandan said...

No dude! THE Goach told me those 2.So unless he is lying which I dont think he is those are true. Either way I didn't make them up :)

Preethi said...

lol ..this is like IITM..is it IIT Mumbai..no its IIT Madras!! :)

shrik said...


Didn't know people still remembered that? Aaahh those were the days.

Well put on the "Dhoni's best friend" bit. Died laughing just thinking about it!