Monday, June 26, 2006

When boredom strikes

I was hajaar bored yesterday, and as I was using my computer and had booted my new Open SuSE 10.1(arguably the best non-commercial GNU/Linux distribution currently) I decided to play some Tetris clones. I prefer to use the K Desktop Environment (KDE) which IMHO is the best GUI ever. So I played the 3 available ones that come with the default KDE Games package in turn. Here are some screen shots taken with KSnapShot

KSirtet which is a very conventional clone of the evergreen game.

KSmileTris in which one can match smilies and other things and also has a very irritating sound scheme which is very useful for irritating others at home ;)

KFoulEggs is a clone of a Japanese game called PuyoPuyo

If you are wondering what the P is with the wolf thingy is at the bottom right of the pic above, its a part of the On Screen Display (that got captured in the screen shot) of AmaroK (Quite simply the best music player!!) telling me that the playlist has finished playing.

Dunno what it is about Tetris like games that one never gets bored of them


Raghav said...

Pretty informative.. Great work!!

Nandan said...

@ragav: thanks dude! keep coming back