Thursday, September 30, 2004

At long last is the first

After toying with the idea for weeks, i've finally put up my blog. So here are 2 kicks to the rear and a pat on the back - ouch, oucher , wheeeeee ^_^ . Now that i have started i am not going to stop with some self depracatory and self congratulatory thoughts , and imagined screams of pain and squeals of jubilation. So here goes.....

Stroke Edith at Aberdeen Colon She is Under Half

Dispense Royal Justice Napolean for Charlie Knows Tall Zebras Laugh

We Hear Young People Question on Best Grounds

quotations for a thousand fifteen pounds

Now before u begin to clap or criticize, let me tell u that this doggerel is not mine. This was created at the Univ. of Manchester in the 1940s with the purpose of mugging the following...


"SO... whats the point?" i hear u ask

Now the point is that the 32 characters the quatrain is a mnemonic for happen to be mnemonics for the instructions of the Mark 1 computer built at the Univ. of Manchester. Now those of u who know assembly programming know modern days mnemonics like ADD,SUB, etc. For those who dont have a clue wat assembly language is; its basically a kind of ancient,weird way of communicationg with the computer which is still used today for various reasons (and in some situations is the only way of getting the computer to do ur dirty work). Say i want to tell the computer "Computer saab add the contents of registers (tiny places of memory) a and b and store the sum in register a" i would write something like 'ADD a,b'. I hope u haven't gone off to sleep or typed some other address in ur address bar.

So if u're still reading this (WHY???????) in the 40s people were still trying to figure out how to talk to the computer and assembly language itself was a new idea.Basically they used to punch a whole bunch of holes on cards and feed them to the computer. So in the 40s there lived a genius(i bow to thee respectfully and ask for thy blessings) called Alan Mathison Turing. Now basically he was a homesexual super genius who during WWII worked for the British government at the top secret Bletchley Park where these guys used to crack codes and basically had a huge role to play in winning the war. If he wasn't there this blog well may have been in Duestch. Apart from that he came up some brilliant ideas on how to well .. er .. communicate with computers. So when this Mark 1 was built he gave the 32 symbols for the 32 operations that the Mark1 could perform to make it easier to well ( u guessed it) communicate with the computer. Now programmers could just type out the symbols from a primitive keyboard to write their programs.

But... But there was a problem. The symbols were in no order and no body except the great Turing himself could memorize wat each symbol stood for (basically what binary(1's and 0'c combination) the symbols represented). So some despo dudes at the univ came up with this to remember the words they had with them to talk to the burly old computer.So thats why u have the poem. Now that i've told u how the poem came to be i'll be going. Here is a parting Haiku (well i'm not sure if it is but it'll have to do)

Let me know wat u guys think.

This blog is new.

Could do with a lot of encouragement

Auf Wiedersehen


Vinod said...

Hey, now that you have a comment, will you change the title to 'Interior Diablog'?

Nandan said...

the problem with ur idea is this
a third comment

and if we take the progression forward u'll realize that i'll have to change my title after every comment

Nitin Grewal 'Aman' said...

1948 to be exact.. Alan Turing was the incharge for the project. And crew made this doggerel. But a nice post indeed.

And yeah, please remove this word verification settings in comment posting :) Cheers