Monday, October 22, 2007

Debt deduction

Me: That thing cost 280
GB: Ya
Me: I paid 60 for auto
GB: Ya
Me: (giving him a 100), So I owe you 140 - 60 = 80
GB: Ya
Me: You owe me 20

I know that I don't know Maths, but can't believe GB didn't find anything wrong with it!

Of course, he does know now that I owe him 10 bucks and plans to use my line of thought in future transactions...


sagaro said...

you mean 30... including the 20 he had given you already. Or did you explain it to him before he paid you the 20?

Nah! You can't be so angelic...

Nandan said...

I didn't take the 20 from him. I left it like that, to be settled later. So I owe him 10 only.

so guess I am not so evil, moreover it wasn't intentional - i goofed up the calculation

sagaro said...

Machan... if you goofed up this, then not much scoop for you at this year's CAT. So paathu paadi...

Best of luck!