Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pepsi - Yeh Devta maange more

All this hoopla surrounding Gods drinking milk has given me an idea. Let’s face it, whether you believe in surface tension or divine consumption, milk is running down the drains and milkmen are running to the banks. The cola companies need to change their marketing strategy and I am assuming its not going to be very hard to spread the word that Lord Ganesh loves Pepsi or Coke. Think about it, if someone thinks their God drinks colas then they will too and if that does not happen, then at least in the process lots of cola would have gone down the same path as the milk and sales will go through the roof.

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NIRMAL said...

Good Thought da

I guess soon we might find lord Shiva and lord Vishnu fighting for pepsi or coke.

who knows siva might go for pepsi vishnu for coke ??

intersting times ahead