Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Bolti Bandh

The Indian government has blocked access to typepad and blogspot blogs

Bloggers against censorship wiki
This has lots of useful info about using RTI and lists of bloggers protesting and ways to work around the gag

Slashdot entry: India joins China in censoring websites

Sites carrying the story

Ways to by pass the ban (courtesy Kiruba’s blog)

Bloggers collective is having a discussion on this

Best part is I am able post to blogspot as blogger.com is not blocked! But I cannot see my own blogposts!!!! (Access via http://www.pkblogs.com/ works from office)

Wordpress, livejournal have not been blocked
I thought we became a free country in 1947

It's so sad that the country touting itself to be the world's technology destination does not have Free Speech

Seriously what kind of bozos are running this country anyway???? It's been done to tackle terrorist elements apparently and may not be a permanent blockade

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