Saturday, April 02, 2005

The 2 posts that never were

I started writing 2 posts but never got around to posting them. I dont know why that was the case. Well the posts got a bit too long and winding and never ending so they never did begin their journeys as blog posts.

The first one was about my new computer. I got one on 8th March. I did mention that I was gonna get one and I finally did. I replaced my Celeron 433 with an AMD 64 bit 2800+ based machine with 512 megs of RAM, DVD burner, and 80 + 20(from the old comp) hard disk space. Changed everything except the monitor which is only about a year and a half old. Kept my cd rom drive, harddisk and internal modem. The cabinet has 3 fans to keep things cool. AMD processors have the hottest technology and as a consequence their processors do get hot. Nice to see them advertising a bit (seen the Ferrari ads in the paper with AMD?) They do offer a better price and performance than Intel and I hope more people buy their chips

The other post was about one of the few things about hell that I actually like -- the library. This is one thing I am going to miss about college. Even though I am counting down the days to my escape from the Pennalur Penitentiary (as Suze calls it) I will defintely miss the library. I loved just sitting in the air conditioned comfort reading magazines or just pretending to read so that I could just relax in the comfort of artificially controlled air.

Those 2 posts just got a bit too long and I really dont know what I was writing. Basically they did not make very interesting reading (not that this one is but atleast your page down button wont be abused and battered after you read this and certainly you will not be wondering at the lack of coordinated cerebal processes in my head.)

Yesterday was April fools day and Google decided to give us a gift on Gmail's 1st anniversary by doubling the storage and adding a whole host of other nifty features to make the best web based email service even better. Go Google You guys rock (and jazz and pop and dance and u guys get the point).

Since yesterday was April fools days I guess I'll just wish you a Happy New Year just like they did in the old days. (Wondering why? click this)


Srikar said...

Yeah it happens, sometimes the posts get so long and so boring that you yourself dislike it (generally creators like their own invention). Imagine how bad it has to be from you to dislike your own post !!

And yes man, I agree. Gmail's Gmail...

Nandan said...

well they weren't thaaaaat bad :)